Natural Healing with Donna

Donna's Videos

The videos on this page describe Donna's work. 

They outline some of the conditions that she treats and how you can be helped.

Dull the Pain of Grief

 Grief can cause deep debilitating pain. It can be grief from the loss of a loved one or friend, the loss of a job, the loss of a family pet, or even a child leaving the nest. We can't change the loss, but we can naturally help you dull that sharp pain that comes with grief. 

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Sweep Your Pain Away

Whether it's a chronic pain that simply does not go away or a headache or sore back - even a toothache, Pranic Healing may be your solution.

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There is help for your fears

We all have fears. But when those fears take over our lives, check out Donna's Pranic Healing

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Natural Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes

 A natural treatment for Diabetes Mellitus, or Type 1 Diabetes for your child using energy healing 

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Your body wants attention

This video reminds us that if we have a nagging pain or discomfort, it is important to pay attention to it. Donna can help you work out a plan to deal with the source of your ill.

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Spend health $$ wisely

There are many types of practitioners  who offer healing in various forms. It's important to learn what type of healing and who is best for your needs.

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