7 Second Hook


What is the 7 Second Hook?


It's a course to help you present the best elevator pitch in the crowd. 

Why is it called the "7 Second Hook"?   Because It takes seven seconds for a person to decide to buy your service or product. Seven seconds. Advertizers know that. They spend thousands of dollars to "hook" you in. When you take this course, you'll know  what the advertizers know and you'll put it to good use for yourself.

Details of the "7 Second Hook" course

How do I get a discount?


You receive a $25 discount for each referral to the course.

Here is what you will experience in the "7 Second Hook" course:


1. You will learn how to design your elevator pitch. 

2. You will learn how to present your your elevator pitch

3. You will  learn writing techniques

4. You'll become more personally confident with your presentation and in yourself

The Modules


1. The 7 Second Hook - why?

2. What is your name again?

3. Short and sweet - short words, short sentences

4. Tease your audience as you hook them in

5. Check your ego at the door

6. Everyone loves a story

7. Draw pictures with words

8. The mic is your friendpractise

9. The "eyes" have it

10. How do I look?

11. How do I sound?

12. Practise, practise, practise

13. Only 30-seconds??? Is that all I get?

14. Touch a client's heart 

About Donna - writer, educator, healer




Spent more than 20 years as a broadcaster for Canada's top broadcast outlets, including CBC




An experienced instructor in radio and tv communications to college students in Calgary




When you feel confident of your presentation, you feel good about yourself.  It's a healing experience. 

20 plus years as a healer.

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