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You can be in any location for this free distance healing.

Welcome to Intuitive Healing Sign up for your free distance healing

You can be in any location for this free distance healing.

Ease your mind with an energy healing

With this distance healing - you can be in any location to receive the energy

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For daily updates on the Coronavirus, please click on the link below. It will direct you to up-to-the-minute news on the virus.

The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION has called this virus a pandemic. They are taking it seriously.  Link below

What is the Coronavirus?

Common symptoms...respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties

 The situation grows more intense daily.  Click here for a full explanation of the Coronavirus. 

Contact Donna  for more information  about her energy healing services for Coronavirus. intuition@nucleus.com

2019 Novel Coronavirus

Protect yourself against the Coronavirus:

1. Wash your hands

2. Keep a distance of 2-metres (6-feet) from others.

3. Avoid crowds and enclosed spaces; stay home. 

4. Cough or sneeze into a tissue or sleeve. 

5. Clean surfaces that you touch. 

6.  Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.

7. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables


For more information on Donna's free healing

Here is how you benefit from Donna's healing

* You relax. When you relax your body heals

* Negative energy is swept away - healing energy flows easily throughout your body.

Donna's natural healing is called Pranic Healing

What is Pranic Healing?

Pranic Healing is natural energy healing. We all have an unseen energy within our bodies and surrounding our bodies. At times, that energy becomes congested. A Pranic Healer rids your body of your congested energy so healing can take place. You, in effect, do the healing. The Pranic Healer simply helps you along.

An Example of Pranic Healing

Suppose you suffer from headaches.  A Pranic Healer may be able to feel congested energy surrounding your body which may be contributing to your headaches. The Pranic Healer sweeps that congested energy away from your body, without touching you, then follows the sweeping by re-energizing you. Often the headache goes away.

What physical conditions can Pranic Healing treat?

Pranic Healing has been known to be effective for a number of physical conditions. First of all, it boosts your immunity. A broken bone or sprained muscle can heal more quickly; symptoms of chronic conditions like MS, cancer, Parkinsons or lupus have eased; pain from headaches or other causes has become less; cold and flu symptoms have lessened. These are but a few conditions that can benefit from Pranic Healing. Feel free to ask Donna if your condition can be helped or eased.  intuition@nucleus.com

What emotional conditions can Pranic Healing treat?

Clients have found success with Pranic Healing  for emotional conditions like  panic attacks, depression, anxiety, and addictions.

Is Pranic Healing effective for childrens' conditions?

Children who have symptoms of ADD, ADHD specifically have benifitted from Pranic Healing. Pranic Healing is also effective for children with learning and behavioral issues. It also helps to boost their confidence so they can cope with whatever life presents them during their formative years.

Book your Pranic healing with Donna here -  for in- person or distance healing

If you have symptoms that become worse, seek medical help

C$ 100.00
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Donna's satisfied clients words after a natural healing:





We are all helpers

When our loved ones cry out for help, it's our natural instinct to respond

: to physical pain

: to emotional pain

You CAN help

Simply tell them "Call Donna"

And you know they will be cared for

Contact Donna 403-829-1442




From a mother of a teenage son:


My son felt happy and confident after his session, actually  'lighter' is the word he used. The session gave him strength, courage, and  confidence to handle peer pressure with a simple 'no'. Donna is my go to person,  she's uplifting, empathetic, and her gift is definitely one worth sharing.
- Leslee  Phillips 

"Time with Donna was a touch from the Divine."  - Bonnie


"It's not magic, but it feels like it. Go see her. You’ll love her, and feel better for it.” - Jean

Thank you, thank you Bright Light!

– Dana 

"I am extremely grateful, appreciative and a loss for words" - Sheldon

"It feels like I had a thousand pounds lifted from my shoulders" - Chrysta

This information is not intended as medical advice

If you are concerned about your symptoms contact a medical professional

If you believe that your flu-like symptoms are becoming serious go immediately to a clinic or a hospital emergency