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"You've got to call Donna!"

What trusted clients tell their best friends

Energy Healing is personal

It's different for everyone

It's OK  to share your healer 

Tell them: "you've got to call Donna"

When friends hurt, tell them about your healing with Donna

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Don't fret about the flu.

Do something about it - Book your session with Donna right here.

"Donna is my go to person" - Leslee

Do this for to protect yourself against the flu:

- Wash your hands with soap and warm water

- Cough or sneeze into a tissue or your sleeve

- Keep your hands off your nose, mouth or eyes

- Exercise regularly, at least 30 minutes three times a week

- Eat a healthy diet, rich in fruits and vegetables and good proteins

- Avoid junk foods, sugars, fatty foods

- Get plenty of sleep - very important

- Avoid stress as much as possible

- Drink lots  of water

- keep surfaces in your home clean and disinfected

- Avoid crowds

- Book a preventative  Pranic Healing  session with Donna


Donna in her own words:

"The flu doesn't have to be scary. 

Take charge of your health and take responsibility for it."

Talk to Donna. Find out more.

(403) 829-1442 intuition@nucleus.com

Donna's satisfied clients say:



We are all helpers

When our loved ones cry out for help, it's our natural instinct to respond

: to physical pain

: to emotional pain

You CAN help

Simply tell them "You got to call Donna"

And you know they will be cared for

Contact Donna 403-829-1442


From a mother of a teenage son:


My son felt happy and confident after his session, actually  'lighter' is the word he used. The session gave him strength, courage, and  confidence to handle peer pressure with a simple 'no'. Donna is my go to person,  she's uplifting, empathetic, and her gift is definitely one worth sharing.
- Leslee  Phillips 

"Time with Donna was a touch from the Divine."  - Bonnie


"Go see her. You’ll love her, and feel better for it.” - Jean

Thank you, thank you Bright Light!

– Dana 

More nice words from Donna's clients:

Superfoods for a strong immune system - Kyani