Choosing the natural healer who is best for you

Questions you can ask before deciding on a healer:

How do I choose a natural healer?

- does the healer come recommended by friends, family or associates?

- is the healer accredited by his or her profession?

- does the healer explain his or her technique clearly?

- does the healer help me understand the results I might expect with my healing?

- is the healer clear about charges for the sessions?

Prior to and during the healing session:

- does the healer focus totally on me during my session?

- does the healer listen to me carefully, and more importantly, hear what I have to say?

- does the healer ask relevant questions about my condition? 

- does the healer understand my goals for my healing?

- is the healer realistic when explaining my possible results and expectations?

- does the healer over-promise results?

After the first session:

- does the healer follow up with me after the initial healing?

- did I notice any improvement in my condition following the initial healing?

- if I did not notice any improvement, did I discuss this with the healer?

- am I free to discuss any and all concerns that I have about the healing?

- would I recommend the healer to family and close friends?

- does the healer offer me incentives for recommendations to family, friends and associates?

Thoughts and Feelings count:

- Do I believe in my heart that the healer will help me?

- Does the healer have a positive attitude?

- Do I feel comfortable with the healer?

- Do I trust the healer to maintain my confidentiality?

- Do I trust the healer to give me the best of his or her abilities?

- Am I willing to recommend my healer to family, friends or associates?

How to learn if a healer is not a fit for you?

- someone who is overtaken by their own ego

- someone who talks about themselves more than listens to you

- someone who tries to diagnose your condition (only certified medical people are allowed to do this)

- someone who talks or gossips about others 

- someone with whom you don't feel comfortable  

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