“I make you feel better”

I am an Alternative Medicine Practitioner and I offer Natural Pranic Healing therapy.

When people ask me to describe what I do, my answer is  “I help you feel better”.

I offer is Natural Pranic Healing therapy.

It’s a natural, non-invasive healing therapy which clears unwanted, energies from the body.

I use my hands,

I can feel your negative energies that set up blocks for the flow of energy in your body.

That can cause disease, pain, and emotional  upheaval.

After I clear that energy, I then replace it with a pure form of strengthening energy.

It provides relief from injury and trauma, from an athletic injury or long-standing chronic pain.

My motto is, “It’s all about results”.

What are the results: you feel better, you change something in your body, even change your life.

It could be your manner of thinking. It could be getting rid of pain or disease.

It could be something more serious.

I clear the path for you to heal yourself.

You are doing the work!

Most importantly, my clients who are most successful in their healing believe deeply that they can heal, and that they will heal.

Contact Donna for more information or to book an appointment!

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