"Elevate Your Elevator Pitch"

This page is about one thing

To help you create an exciting, simple elevator pitch.

And turn your dreams into dollars.

Hands on workshop - Tuesday September 25


In this three-hour workshop you will practise and learn how to:

* say your name with energy and power (yes, your name!)

* stand up with authority 

* get full attention of your audience 

* present a punchy and clear 30 to 60 second pitch

* use your voice to convince a client

* use a microphone to make your message hum.

Why a workshop to craft an "elevator pitch"?

Donna has listened to many people present their pitch. 

Simply put, there is room for improvement.

 That's why she's holding a workshop to help.

Donna is an experienced teacher and communicator. 

She will guide you in the production of your pitch by DOING it.

When you complete this workshop, you will  be proud and confident of your pitch - AND more importantly, confident in yourself.


 How will this workshop take place?


This workshop is a true classroom  - you will be doing the work. You will stand up and practise your pitch. That is the most effective method of learning.  Don't worry if you're nervous. We're all nervous at some time. But we ARE gentle!

Donna's teaching background helps her to guide you through this learning, so it will be fun!

"Elevate Your Elevator Pitch"

Tuesday September 25, 5- 8 p.m.

Upstairs - Trail Courts 

409 9th Ave NE  Calgary 

Your Investment $75

"Elevate Your Elevator Pitch" Workshop


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You've made a great decision to sign up. Your pitch will pop!