When Plans Go Astray

When plans go astray

A very dear friend of mine was looking forward to spending three months in Hawaii beginning in early January. Those plans have been cancelled following her husband’s accident. He cracked his pelvis, is in hospital and will need extensive rehabilitation after his release. It prompted me to write this blog.

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We live in hope.

We anticipate.

We look forward.

It’s the future.

We plan a trip of  a lifetime.

We plan a wedding

We plan a big birthday party.

Plans go astray; serious illness, accident,death, real life, lesson

Our lives are consumed by our plans, our anticipation.

But sometimes life gets in the way.

There is a serious illness.

An accident.

Even a death.

Our plans need to be shelved or even cancelled.

When this happens, there is a lesson for us.

The lesson is one that helps us to understand what is important in life.

The planning is fun, it’s exciting.

But life – real life – always takes precedence over plans.

It’s a reminder to us that we, humans are important.

Just us. Not the plans. Not the event.

So when you begin planning something special. Enjoy the journey.

But always remember what is genuinely important.

It’s you – and those you love. And that’s it.

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  1. Great words of wisdom Donna – thanks for sharing this!

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