chrysta-lewis-100x100“The evening of my session with you I felt really dizzy and almost like I was intoxicated. I ended up going to bed by 9:30pm and slept all night without waking up once until the girls woke up at 7am! It was the best sleep I think I’ve had since I first got pregnant (so in over a year!). There was no worry or loneliness or resentment. I was just happily in the present. It was beautiful and such a relief.

It feels like I’ve had a thousand pounds lifted from my shoulders. I feel more positive and grateful. Thank you. It was a great experience and I’ll be sure to come see you every few months to get a ‘tune up’!! “

Chrysta Lewis

“I did not know what a Faith Healer was but my friend suggested I see Donna.
I had just returned from 3 months in rehab for treatment of alcohol and drug addictions, sexual abuse, and childhood trauma; I had been let go from my long time career in oil and gas; I was living with my elderly parents and isolating frorm any friendships; and I had lived my entire life without God. I was 45 years old.

I could sense a “spiritual presence above me” but just could not connect. I had no idea what it meant to be a child of God, I truly lived a Godless life, it was very hopeless, bleak, and empty. I went to Donna not knowing or understanding her gift but I was willing to get any help I could because my spirit was truly broken.

I had three sessions with Donna and each time I left, to be honest, I did not feel any different. I had no idea the supernatural healing that was taking place though.

At the same time that I was seeing Donna I was attending a church and started to hear God’s message, I heard him talking right to me in the Sunday sermons. I moved into a condo of my own, I started to volunteer at the children’s Sunday school, and registered in several different bible studies in attempts to socialize and meet new people. I was building a new life.

This was all in a matter of a couple of months after seeing Donna. The epiphanies, the revelations, and the awakenings I was having about God and how he loves me, and how he got me out of the wreckage of my past to a new life with him was blowning my mind (it still is!)
I have since learned what Spiritual Gifts from God are; Teachers of His Word, Leaders in His churches, Faith Healers, to name just a few.

I could not physically feel anything happening but God dwells in the spiritual realm and that is where Donna comes in. I see now the supernatural healing Donna provided!! She opened the spiritual channels for me to connect to my Saviour! What a beautiful gift indeed.

Thank you so much Donna for following your calling from God. You were a big part of my healing journey and I am forever grateful. God bless you.”

Lisa Stein

jean-hudson“I can’t describe exactly how Donna does what she does, but I can attest to the nature of the woman and the power of her work.
She is a woman of love and compassion who helps us heal naturally. She’s been especially helpful with my knees and back, and even a conversation with her over tea has brought me clarity.

She ‘sees’ what you need, body and soul, and eases that process. It’s not magic, but it feels like it.
Go see her. You’ll love her, and feel better for it.”


“The pranic healing session I had with Donna was a first experience for me. It was very relaxing and had lasting effects. Donna could tell that I struggle to stay focused and that I often feel drawn in many directions. Following our session, I felt less affected by the constant distractions, and, more importantly, I no longer felt guilty or berated myself for responding to the distractions or not getting all the things done that I felt I had to in one day. I felt calm and at peace with my actions.”

Christine Binns

“My body was going through debilitating Thyroid Symptoms such as Lethargy beyond belief, interrupted sleeping patterns, heavy fogged thoughts, exhausted to write more than 10 words on paper (no kidding) and many more conditions were holding me in a fixed way of being, very unhealthy. After months of dealing with the frustration, a wonderful and accomplished Coach referred me directly to Donna for a reset.

My goal was to become more me again, physically, mentally, emotionally, and Donna with her gift, was able to create a breakthrough that I had not experienced in a long while! My own evidence of health became evident the very next day. I rode my bike several blocks! This was true at the time of recovery and within 24 hours! Also I noticed swallowing with ease and more desire to drink water. Lethargy left the building and I am planning my future with joy, not dread.

I am very grateful for your education, practice and your dedication, Donna. You made all the difference….Thank you, thank you Bright Light!

Dana, High River, AB

“My experience with Donna’s healing has been incredibly moving. If you’re looking to dig deep and heal the roots of issues/topics in your life, then time with Donna is astonishingly helpful. She loves what she does, and it shows with her caring demeanour and sincerity. For that reason and many more, she is very good at what she does. Sessions with Donna is something you need to feel in order to welcome in the healing power she has to help you… She is insightful, kind, and passionate about healing and working with you, and will do the absolute best she can to focus on getting you to a state you want to be in. I’d recommend Donna to anyone looking to improve themselves, and be the best version of themselves in this one life we are given :)”

Taylor R.

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