Superwoman Syndrome? Not!

Hillary Clinton believed she could “Power Through” her illness.

Listen to Superwoman Syndrome and see if you can recognize anybody? –  maybe yourself?

Superwoman Syndrome? Not!

Hey LADY! Who do you think you are? You may THINK you’re superwoman, but you’re not. You need to Take Care of Yourself! Forget the Superwoman Syndrome.

Superwoman - women believe they can do it all

Superwoman – Hillary – yes or no?

You can’t help others if you’re not in top condition yourself. So what’s up anyway?

Hillary Clinton thought she could “power  through” her pneumonia, but look where it got her? I’ve seen many cases like Hillary’s.

One person thought she could “power  through” her pneumonia, and it persisted for three weeks. Only after she stayed in bed for one week. She actually got behind in her recovery and missed an important athletic opportunity.

Another friend ended up in bed for more than two weeks, after living in denial of her pneumonia for months.


Every one of us knows someone who becomes ill and still drags herself to work,  to school, even drags herself around the house, at home with children – always persisting and insisting that she’s OK. Well, she’s not OK.

We’re no good to anyone when we’re sick.

Our bodies send us messages.

Some of those messages tell us to slow down.

        – Some messages tell us that we’re simply on the wrong   track.

– Some messages remind us what is most important in      life. (our health perhaps!)

        – Most messages tell us to TAKE CARE OF  OURSELVES.

Regardless, it’s a bonk on the head ladies.

Pay attention.

Get help.

Did I say pay attention?

Slow down. Think.

Did I say pay attention?

Pay attention to the messages from your body. It will thank you. It knows best.  And, oh yes,  you need to take care of yourself.

Contact me and I’ll help you take care of yourself with natural healing, natural medicine. OK? Please.

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