Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated

You might be wondering – what conditions does Donna treat? Well here’s a partial list:

Diabetes – Type I & II
Blood & Lymph issues – Leukemia/Lymphomas/Cancers
Arthritis and bone conditions – adults and children Digestive ailments – Thin Wall Disease – irritable bowel, Crohns, diverticulitis, leaky gut, ulcers
Allergies – seasonal, chronic, chemical sensitivities, gluten/grain/dairy
Children’s ailments – emotional and physical, including ADD/ADHD, ODD, Indigo Child, Autism, Down Syndrome
Brain and head issues – injuries, concussion, tumours, headaches, infections, Alzheimers, Dementia
Emotional problems – depression, panic attacks, fears, addictions, anxiety, worry
Pain elimination – including migraines
Central Nervous System diseases – ALS, MS, Lupus, Parkinsons
Hormonal/Endocrine issues – hormone balancing, menopause symptoms, thyroid diseases, Cushings
Athletic Injuries – sprains, tears, broken bones
Respiratory conditions – asthma, bronchitis, sinus and lung issues
Reproductive issues – uterine, ovarian, prostate
Bacterial/viral diseases – HIV/AIDS, STDs, Genital Herpes, Tuberculosis, Meningitis, Influenzas, c.difficile
Heart/circulatory conditions
Muscular Diseases – Muscular Dystrophy, Dystonia, Paralysis
Skin Conditions – psoriasis, eczema, carcinoma, insect bites, acne, rosacea, moles, warts
Exotic and Environmental Conditions – e.coli (and other food/water borne illnesses) radiation/radon poisoning, spirochete, parasites, mesothelioma, animal-borne diseases, Lyme Disease, toxins;
Tropical diseases: Dengue, Leprosy, Plague, Malaria

Treatments Used

Pranic HealingTherapy – this technique is a “sweeping” of congested energy which surround the physical body. The body is then re-energized with clean energy and the body is then free to heal itself.
Vibrational Healing – the client is treated with a quantum remedy, which is water infused with a specific frequency. The frequency is 180 degrees counter to the vibration of the disease or illness.
Theta Healing – the client is taken through a process which helps to change the belief system that is holding on to the disease or condition.
Intuitive Writing – Holy Spirit guides Donna to intuitively write answers to life’s important questions.

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