Lessons of Sacrifice

You can choose to listen to this story of the “Lessons of Sacrifice”  from Remembrance Day

On Remembrance Day last year, I was on my way on foot to a remembrance-dayservice down the hill from my home.

The  service was held at a field of crosses adjoining Memorial Drive a main road artery in Calgary.

Every year before Remembrance Day volunteers erect these crosses,  one for every local member killed in armed service.

The name of each soldier, unit and date of birth and death  is posted on each cross.

You truly feel like you’re in a cemetery.

I took a short cut down a steep hill to reach the field of crosses.

As I gingerly crept down what seemed to me a mountain, a young man came from behind me and offered his hand and said “May I help you”.

I accepted. I was so touched I was almost in tears as he guided me down the hill, tightly holding on to my arm.

And I thought, as I reached the bottom of the hill, to the service.

I thought  to myself, “We’re honouring the men and women who sacrificed their lives for us”.

Then I thought about Jesus’ sacrifice, dying on the Cross for us. And I thought about the young man offering his hand.

How are they connected?

He didn’t sacrifice his life for me, but he gave something of himself.

And those little deeds, we don’t dismiss.

  • We take the lessons of Remembrance day,
  • We take the lessons of Jesus dying on the Cross
  • We take lesson of the guiding hand of the young man.
  • Care for one another and sacrifice.

We remember those lessons, and we in turn, care for one another and spread our good deeds amongst one another.

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  1. ‘Care for one another’ … the golden rule that is the sacred thread, the life-line for humanity … thank you Donna, thoughts beautifully shared :o)

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