Ice Cream and Tuna – two diet foods??

It’s just two more days before early bird  registration for the March 4 Mindful Eating retreat, “Give Your Fork a Break”.

If you have been struggling with your weight, this will be a positive  experience. We’ll look at food differently and we’ll show you how you can enjoy eating – instead of seeing it as a guilt experience or a sentence.

Take the example of ice cream.

What do you think of when you see ice cream?

Is it a treat?

Is it something forbidden that will add to your weight?

What we will do is see it as a treat.  We will allow ourselves ice cream – but just not the whole bucket. We’ll work on the positive and how we can have ice cream AND lose weight.

Or, when you see a tin of tuna, what do you see?

Boring diet food?

Or health food filled with nutrients to will help us become svelte?

We’ll examine our thoughts. We’ll think about food in a healthy way, and how it can help us shed unwanted pounds.

We’ll switch off our negative thoughts about food.

We’ll take control over what we put in our mouths.

We’ll enjoy eating.

We’ll appreciate the wonders of food and how it can help make us healthier and slimmer.

Register here for “Give Your Fork A Break”.

Remember if you register before Feb 25, you receive a $20 discount.

and you can also register a friend or family member in a two-for-one special. So Give Your Fork a Break!

To listen to the audio click below.

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