Hit the Stone Wall

Hi, it’s Donna.

By now, we’re well in to our New Year’s projects, goals, and dreams.
They don’t always go smoothly.

When you hit the stone wall

Whether we’re on a weight-loss plan, a new exercise program, or we’re developing a new, exciting project, there will always be blocks.
You sometimes feel like you’ve hit a stone wall.

There will be times, when the brain refuses to work.
There will be discouraging times because of lack of progress.
There will be times when we simply cannot get motivated.
We’re tired, physically and emotionally.

Well, we’re not alone.

When this happens. Just give yourself a break. Slow down.
Take time off.
An hour. A day. Even a week.
Do something different.
Go to the zoo. Go to a movie.
Get out of your office, or your home.
Go to a pretty place in your community.  An art gallery. An indoor garden maybe. A musical performance.
Take a day trip to a special place.
Go outside. Breathe.

If you’re living in a cold climate like I am, don’t be afraid to go outside. Don’t be a chicken, breathe that ice cold air. Breathe deeply. Then come back in.
Have a nap. Could be that you’re not getting enough sleep.
Keep moving. Eat good nutritious foods. Cut out the junk, the booze and anything else that’s harmful. Drink lots of water.

Most importantly, talk to someone. Talk to a friend who is positive, encouraging, one who will listen to you – not simply talk about themselves.
Think about all the good things in your life. You will be amazed when you realize how blessed you are, how blessed we are.

If you need some help busting down that stone wall, you are not alone.
Contact me. I’ll help you. I’m at intuition@nucleus.com.

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  1. Thank you Donna … I’m slowing down and taking time ‘off’ of doing … and taking time to breathe … I’m now taking the time to simply my doings and simplify my thoughts … life is more loving and peaceful … thank you !!

    • Good for you Bonnie. We’re so often reluctant to take that time off. But it’s a big investment in our selves. Thank you!

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