I invite you to enjoy a mini Meditation for Depression (2 min). FREE



So many of us are looking for quick fixes in our lives.

There is one remedy that is scientifically proven scientifically to work.
It may not be “quick”, but science has proven that it makes a difference.

It’s meditation.
I suggest you do it every day.

It quiets the brain. It calms emotions. It shines the light on who we are – inside.
It improves our physical health, including blood pressure, heart rate, circulation.

It strengthens our immune system.
It helps us to love ourselves.


A close friend told me that she attended three funerals this year.
Two of those deaths were from suicide.
Depression does not automatically go away.

I have help for you if you are going through depression.
If you’re depressed, you often have horrible thoughts banging around in your brain.
They may be thoughts of guilt, despair or fear.
They are thoughts. They are not real.

The Fear Despair and Guilt Meditation is designed to
help you get rid of those demons that support guilt, despair and fear and
replace them with calm, confidence and love of self.


Fear Despair and Guilt – Meditation (8 min). FREE


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