Depression – Dealing with Crises

We all have days (or weeks!) when everything seems to be going wrong. We wonder, ”

What in the world is happening?”  

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  • Is it the moon?


    “Crises? – A Tangled Mess?”

  • Is it something I said?
  • Is it something I was thinking about?

It doesn’t matter why. What matters is how you’re dealing with stuff.

What I do in cases like this:  

  • Take each item, one by one, and deal with each, as tough as it is.
  • Get it out of the way.
  • I also do a “clearing” on the issues, on the person, on the surroundings, like the office or home or vehicle, or wherever they’re happening.
  • Make a gratitude list. No matter how bad things are, there is always something, somewhere in the corners of your life that are positive. Go there. You must.
  • Don’t feel sorry for yourself.
  • Believe that things will be better tomorrow, or next week.
  • Smile. (yea, it’s tough, but just try it!).

They will be better.

Contact me to clear away that “stuff” and end depression.

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