Depressing Holidays

Reminder of Holidays to Come

Reminder of Holidays to Come

Holidays can be depressing. We just experienced Thanksgiving in Canada and its coming up in November, in the US. Then there’s Christmas! Who would think depressing?

Holidays are milestones. Passage of time. Reminder of the end of another year. So many things to do. Pressures of money. Loneliness. Separation from family. Loss of health. Loss of a job.  Loss of a loved one.

Our minds start whirling. We think: So many “others” have fun, have money, have lots of family around. Who am I? What am I? What have I accomplished? We scan Facebook and see happy families getting together, feasting on turkey and stuffing. All the traditional trappings. We feel left out.

Where do we look for help getting through the holidays?

  • We start by talking about it.
  • We share our worries with a close friend or a  close family member, even if they’re far away
  • We write down our feelings.
  • We seek professional help – a counselor, a priest, rabbi or pastor, a healer.
  • The most important advice comes from deep within us.
  • We start with the positive.
  • We think about or write down all blessings in our lives.
  • We create a  gratitude list. There is so much to be grateful for.

This may sound cruelbut we absolutely need to stop feeling sorry for ourselves.

  • We need to quit worrying about what others “have”.All may not be as it seems.
  • Go through a list and see if there’s anybody you can  help – an elderly neighbour, an ill friend or colleague.
  • Many local homeless shelters have special meals on holidays for those in need. Offer your help, your services, your gifts. You will meet new friends and colleagues. More than that, you will come to realize how very fortunate you are. Gratitude plus!
  • Call someone you haven’t spoken to for a while. Connect with them. They will appreciate it.
  • Above all, remember, this is Thanksgiving!

Be THANKFUL and GIVE! It does feel right.

Contact me for help in getting through the holidays.




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