Can You Relate?

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Oh my goodness. I do get cranky once in a while. My husband gets upset when I’m cranky because I’m usually so nice. Yeah!!!!???

“Crankiness” is not just a mood. It can be a sign of something else.

  •           It can be a sign of hunger
  •           It can be a sign of not enough sleep
  •           It can be a sign of too much stress
  •            It can be a sign of a string of conditions: candida, thyroid,  diabetes (or pre diabetes), allergies,  celiac, heart disease, you name it…….

So…… don’t just ignore it.

Get help my friend.

You don’t have to get caught in the web of  what we call “doctoring”.

We can get help from other sources.

There ARE other sources.

One of them is me.

This is not my ego speaking.

This is my intuitive healer speaking. I FEEL for you.

Please don’t get cranky. Please don’t suffer.

Don’t make your dear family suffer.

Contact me and find out why you’re cranky. And we’ll make it better.  OK?


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