Celebrate You!

In 2017 – Put Yourself First!

Happy New Year!

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Celebrate You!

I’ve been reading so many New Year’s messages and resolutions that my head is spinning.
They are great pieces of advice.
What can I add? Just one thing. Put yourself first!

When you put yourself first, you are stronger emotionally, physically and spiritually.
You are better at helping others.
You don’t feel like you’re being sacrificed.
You have healthy boundaries.
You are comfortable saying “No”.
People look up to you, and in turn, feed you with their positive energy.
Your inner strength shines more brightly.

When you put yourself first, you are not being egotistical or narcissistic.
You are being human, balanced and self-assured.
That’s not such a bad thing, is it?
Happy New Year! Happy New You!

To listen to the New Year Message audio click below.

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  1. Great message – Happy New Year!

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