About me

About me



Donna Korchinski

My Career
Intuitive Writer
Television/radio/print journalist
Television/film producer
Teacher/ College Instructor in Communications

eWomen  Calgary
Canadian Pranic Healers Association
Canadian Society of Dowsers
Holistic Intuition Society

My Learning Path
B.A. (English/Russian)
Diploma – Secondary Education
Silva Method of Learning
Introduction to Dowsing
Mini Med School (8 week course) University  of Calgary
Certified Associate Pranic Healer
Basic Pranic Healing, Master Choa Kok Sui, founder Advanced Pranic Healing Course
Pranic Psychotherapy
Pranic Crystal Healing
Pranic Feng Shui
Preparatory Arhatic
Spiritual Business Management
Introductory Course in Theta Healing

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