2018 Body Housecleaning – my cleanse

I announced last week that on Monday January 8 – today – I’m embarking on a 26 day cleanse.

Day One  is not even over and I’m starving.

And I’ve already cheated. Had a cup of English Breakfast tea this morning. No. Actually two cups of tea. With milk.

The program calls for Green Tea and no milk.

OK I’m not perfect.  I’m making a point.

None of us is perfect.  But who says we shouldn’t make an effort to improve?

I did something right. I did have have a green smoothie. And I did have a potato with NO BUTTER and NO SOUR CREAM.  I did drink a glass of warm water and lemon this morning.

I’m pretty proud of those small accomplishments.

That’s what we need to do.  Celebrate victories, even little ones.

It’s after 5 pm. Usually at this time, my husband and I have a glass of wine.

I AM going to resist. I WILL report on this tomorrow, day 2.

Still five more hours til bedtime. More green smoothies to come. Yummie!!!



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